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GIS explorer is a project based on ESRI Arc Gis, Map Objects and IMS Map Objects (IMS Admin, IMS Catalog and IMS Launch ). The project implements the distributed system based on the desctop application and Web Application which are connected by the IMS server by esrimap.dll

Project Structure

Desctop application:

Web Application:

Connection :

IMS Admin and esrimap.dll

Basic Technology:

.NET ( C# )

Source Control:

We are going to use Tortoise SVNr as a Source Control

Team Members:

Our team consists of 6 guys
  • Vyshnevskyy Oleksandr
  • Oleksiv Ivan
  • Pogranychnyy Andrij
  • Strutynskyy Andrij
  • Terlezkyy Volodymyr
  • Uzhela Oleksandr

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